How to clean the yellowed white shirt collar?

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How to clean the yellowed white shirt collar?

Everyone who enters the workplace always has a white shirt in the wardrobe, and there is always the trouble that the collar of the white shirt is yellow and cannot be washed cleanly.

When the collar of the white shirt turns yellow, it can be pretreated with the “Lisnor Dry Cloth Pre-coating Method”. If the stains cannot be removed after washing, the “Lisnor Color Stains Soaking Method” can be used to remove the stains. Next, we will learn more about it. How to operate.

If the collar turns yellow, pre-coat it first and then wash it normally. When the shirt is dry, apply Lisnor stock solution to the yellowed area, completely cover the stain and let it sit for 5 minutes before handwashing as usual, or put it in the washing machine and wash it normally with Lisnor laundry detergent.

If the yellowing stain is still not removed, wring the shirt dry and use the “Lisnor stain soaking method”.

  1. First judge the fabric and color to choose the correct color stains on the clothes. Confirm whether the shirt is pure white, and check whether the fabric is cotton, linen, polyester (polyester, polyester fiber), or a blend of the three. If the fabric is any one of the above three or a blend of the three, choose “white bottle laundry detergent”.
  2. Proportionately dilute the color stains of white clothes. Prepare half a basin of water (about 2 liters), add 1 cap (40 grams) of Lisnor laundry detergent, and stir well.
  3. Soak for 30 minutes and rinse. After 30 minutes of soaking in the shirt, rinse it clean. The soaking time can be appropriately extended as needed. If the color stain is not removed after 2 hours, take out the shirt, add 1 bottle cap (40g) of white laundry detergent to the original liquid, stir well, put it into the shirt to continue soaking, and accumulate the soaking time. no more than 6 hours.

The choice of Lisnor laundry detergent depends on the color and material of the garment:

White clothes are not only suitable for pure white cotton, linen, polyester (polyester, polyester), and their blended clothes.

  • Colored garments and white garments with stripes/prints/metallic accessories are not suitable.
  • Not applicable if there is a non-chlorine bleachable label on the laundry label. This product is not suitable for white shirts with stripes/prints/metallic accessories or if there is a non-chlorine bleachable label on the wash label.
  • If the shirt is not pure white, or the fabric is not cotton, linen, polyester (polyester, polyester), or a blend of the three, choose “yellow bottle laundry detergent”.

Yellow bottle laundry detergent is widely used in the washable laundry of various colors (except easy to fade), and the effect is more significant.

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