How to clean the oil stains on clothes?

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How to clean the oil stains on clothes?

In daily life, oil stains are often accidentally stained when eating, which can be easily solved with the “Blue Moon Dry Clothes Pre-coating Method”.

Step 1: When drying, apply the stock solution to the stain

Remember to pre-coat with Lisnor laundry detergent when the clothes are dry, and apply them wherever they are dirty, so that the liquid laundry detergent can directly act on the oil stains, and don’t apply the clothes after they are wet.

Step 2: Let stand for 5 minutes

Let the pre-painted clothes stand for about 5 minutes so that the liquid laundry detergent can have enough time to directly interact with the oil stains. If the oil stains are stained for a long time, you can extend the standing time appropriately, or rub it gently with your hands, the washing effect is better!

Step 3: Wash as normal with Lisnor Laundry Liquid Detergent

After standing for 5 minutes, hand wash the garment as usual or put it in the washing machine and machine wash it normally with Lisnor laundry detergent. One cover of laundry detergent can wash 8-10 pieces of clothes, don’t add more!

Washing Tips:

1. The collar and cuff stains after daily wear contains human sebum, which are oil stains like oil spots. You can also refer to the above cleaning methods.

2. “Pre-coating” must be carried out when the clothes are dry because oil and water are incompatible. If the clothes are wetted first, the water will wrap the clothes fibers and form a barrier layer, which is not conducive to the contact of the detergent with the oil stains, and the oil stains are difficult to clean.

3. The “dry clothes pre-coating method” is suitable for clothes that are washable and not easy to fade. If the clothes are easy to fade, it is not recommended to use this method. If you are not sure whether the color is easy to fade, you can try it in a local concealed place and observe that there is no fading before continuing to use it.

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