A. The spiral stirrer will be stuck by excessive clothes and consequently the washing effect will be affected. For a better washing effect, the quantity of clothes should be adjusted according to capacity of washing machine. The expected washing effect can be reached as per water level and washing ability of washing machine described in the User Manual.
A. Having been used for several decades, practice has proved that washing powder is a very safe daily necessity. It is harmless to human health, but it can abstract fat from the skin due to alkalinity. If washing powder is used in winter, it’s better to wear rubber gloves or apply hand cream in order to protect skin.
A. It is not poisonous. Phosphorus is essential for life. Everyone takes about 700g of phosphorus from food every year and excretes 500g. Except that phosphate is used for detergent, it is also used as a legal food additive at home and abroad.
A. Bubble does not relate directly to the decontamination effect. Bubble can reduce mechanical friction of washing machine and affect the washing effect. Besides, bubble is hard to rinse and wastes water and power. As a result, wastewater increases and contaminates the environment.