Does the sweater shrink as soon as it is washed?

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Does the sweater shrink as soon as it is washed?

Learn this cleaning technique quickly with their soft touch and warm properties, sweaters are well-deserved as one of the must-have items for people in cold weather.

Although it is warm to wear, once washed and dried improperly, the sweater is prone to shrinkage and deformation, feels hard, and generates static electricity when wearing it.

How do clean to avoid these problems?

1. Before washing sweaters, you need to check the clothing label to ensure that the sweater can be washed before washing. If the label of the clothing indicates that it is not washable, it should be sent to a professional washing shop for washing.

2. Dark sweaters are easy to fade and should be washed separately from light-colored clothes. Sweaters that are easy to shed are best washed separately.

3. Alkaline or chlorine-containing detergents cannot be used on sweaters. Therefore, mild detergents for silk wool should be prepared for cleaning. For example, all Lisnor products have mild formulas and can be used to care for silk wool, cashmere, and other clothing.

4. Sweaters are prone to static electricity and sticky hair. You can prepare a softener before washing.

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